Sunday, October 30, 2005

Thanks to everyone

Its been a long time coming, but here is our 'thanks' post. Only those that have been on the Mongol Rally can understand the 'rally fatigue' that has set in since we returned. The whole adventure was amazing fun, and an unforgettable experience - but having worked frenetically for 6 months prior to setting off on our journey - the prospect of fiddling with the website on our return was not a nice one.

Suitably recovered now though - we'd like to thank each and every person and company that helped us to achieve the impossible and take our battered Fiat Panda all the way to Mongolia. We took about 23 days to shift a 15 year old, 1 litre car, all the way from Hyde Park in London to inner Mongolia.

In the process, and thanks to you all - we raised over £3500 for the 2 nominated charities. We also learned a lot about the world and ourselves, met some fantastic people, saw wonderful cultures and landscapes and even learned a little about car maintenance too.

Thanks again.


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